Greens Holding Local Office in PA

(AS OF JULY 2022)

Allegheny County

Tara Yaney | Edgewood Borough Council

Abigail Hunter | Pittsburgh, Ward 7, Precinct 8, Judge of Elections

Jay Ting Walker | Pittsburgh, Ward 7, Precinct 6, Judge of Elections

Berks County

Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva | Reading Ward 15, District 6, Judge of Elections

David Kurzweg | Cymru Township Judge of Elections

Matthew Reitenauer| Brandywine Heights School Board

Jim Keller | West Reading Borough Judge of Elections

Joseph Reeves | City of Reading Inspector of Elections

Julia Zion | Maxatawny Twp Judge of Elections

Bucks County

Tausif Khan | Falls Twp Judge of Elections

Paul Notwick | Bristol Twp Judge of Elections

David Ochmanowicz | Quakertown Community School Board

Butler County

Michael Bagdes-Canning | Cherry Valley Borough Council

Lackawanna County

William Pilkonis | Scranton Judge of Elections

Lancaster County

Tim Runkle | Elizabethtown Judge of Elections, (also elected Tax Collector but declined)

Monroe County

Cem Zeytinoglu | Stroudsburg School Board

Philadelphia County

Burt Shultz| Philadelphia Judge of Elections

Kristin Combs | Philadelphia Judge of Elections

Olivia Faison | Philadelphia Inspector of Elections

Ethan Leatherbarrow | Philadelphia Judge of Elections

Susquehanna County

Kerry Foose | Lenox Twp Judge of Elections

Wyoming County

Jay Sweeney | Falls Township Auditor

David Kennedy | Overfield Township Auditor

More information about past and current elected officials is in the GPUS Elections Database.